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May 28, 1920 - April 13, 2004
Shirley was a Lifetime Member of the Boston Star Trek Association. She was famous within our group for hosting the Annual Meeting in August. For that one day, each year, the BSTA left its futuristic metropolis world behind and travelled out to the Maiewski farm in Hatfield. The weather was usually sunny and the food was always plentiful and delicious. I also recall the stacks and stacks of fanzines in her “Star Trek” room.

Of course, Shirley’s involvement with the BSTA and Star Trek went well beyond the Annual Meeting. She was very involved with Trek fandom. She wrote and edited fanzines, served as chairwoman of the Welcommittee, and was an all-around “Okay, let’s get it done!” motivator within fandom.

I’ve pulled together a few sentences about Shirley from the biographies that have appeared about her in various BASH program books over the years.

From BASH 1981
“…Author of the fanzines Alternate Universe 1 and 2, editor of the Lightfleet Letters, chairwoman of the Star Trek Welcommittee and, in general, Star Trek fandom’s Grandmother (not to mention a long-standing member of the BSTA)…”

From BASH 1983
“…Shirley Maiewski became involved in the Star Trek Welcommittee ten years ago, at the first Star Trek Convention. At first, Shirley was the mail coordinator, until Helen Young gave up the chairmanship of the organization, and Shirley took over. I can still recall horror stories of 3 and more mail sacks being deposited on Shirley’s doorstep! When she’s not involved with fandom, Shirley maintains quiet dignity and peace working at the U. Mass – Amherst bookstore, and tending (with her husband Phillip) to a sizable farm in the rural haven of Hatfield. Who says you can’t have everything? Shirley is making a good attempt at it!”

From BASH 1985
“…Shirley Maiewski has been a long time Big Name Trek Fan as well as friend of the BSTA and guest at many past BASHs. Shirley is the chairwoman of the Star Trek Welcommittee…She has had the somewhat dubious reputation with the post office in her area of having ‘anything weird’ they get delivered to her house…Every August, it has become tradition with the BSTA to hold their annual [anniversary] meeting at Shirley’s. And it has become tradition for the BSTA to have Shirley as a guest of the BASH.”

Shirley’s husband, Philip Z. Maiewski, passed away in 2001.

She leaves two sons, Joseph Maiewski, of East Walpole, and George Maiewski, of Newton; a daughter, Carole Jackewich, of Hatfield; six grandchildren; and nieces and nephews.

Memorial gifts may be made to the Firefighting Association, P.O. Box 218, Hatfield, 01038, or to the Hatfield Ambulance Fund, c/o Town Hall, Main Street, Hatfield, 01038.


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I enjoyed going to her house each year. She treated everybody the same. There was always great food, from the fresh corn on the cob, to the fresh kielbasa that Phillip had done, to the fresh potato salad made from their own potatoes that they grew.

I will miss seeing her at conventions.

She knew everybody by name.

Carol (P.)